The project is located near the King Khalid International Airport city of Riyadh, Princess Norah University, King Abdulaziz Equestrian Field and Sedra Roshn Residential.

Daytime temperature goes from 65 F in winter to 105 F in summer and  temperature goes from 54 F in winter ando 92 in summer nightime.

Local features, such as the oases, vernacular irrigation systems (falaj), patios, flora and architecture, dictated the design guidelines for the project. The result was a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional Arabian architecture, reflecting the natural characteristics of this inland location.

The term Oases is a fertile place where there is water in the midst of a desert or a place of calm in the midst of chaos. We like to relate it on having a rich space in which you could develop some fresh internal activities introducing green inside the development.

The assumptions of design: 1. Iconic Architecture- milestone.  2. Sustainability- Positive impact.  3. Amenities in walking distance- Public space as a central pillar  4.Connected to nature- Illustrate biographic and ethnobotanical identity, Biodiversity + Performance. 5. Art in the public space- Central spine corredor of Art as a differentiator and identity generator.  

For the residential compound we would like not to do houses that you feel in an army, that you are another number every house its exactly as the other lacking of identity.  

The composition scheme starts with a vehicle access control plaza which in you decide to enter the fast track circuit road with slow track roads that lead you to the houses. In the center we are introducing the amenities in a urban corredor having a great sense of  comunity and central to every house to the central park.

The minimart is added to the entrance plaza to be practical of the intake and outage of the products.  A Kids room, game room and cafeteria along the main park. The pádel tennis between the houses and de main plaza.  For the pool we wanted to put it underground one level down so the user can have some privacy.  The business center along the falcon plaza and at the end we have the half basketball.

Each villa has its own patio for a family private area. 

The entire project is housed under an envelope that reinterprets elements of traditional Arab architecture.

The importance of using the fifth facade as roof tops , is designed in accordance with the concepts of climate control and architecture of the region, including sustainable strategies for the comfort of the users.

The overall design of the project includes interior lagoons with golf course and residential development, all unique to the area.

Inland lakes: 60 hectares of inland lagoons. The development has been dredged and developed, creating a network of inland lagoons with a floodgate system to recycle the sea water. As well as creating recreationa activities, it maximises the number of units facing the sea and lagoons.

Golf Course: A golf course among interior lagoons with 9 holes which are completely finished and operational. When the project is finished the golf course will have 18 holes next to the sea with a total length of 7,100 yards. Jack Nicklaus "signature" course.

Access Boulevard: Laguna del Mar offers easy access from Highway 8. All roads are designed to the highest standards.

Subterranean Infrastructures: Built to American standards Subterranean design including electricity, drinking water, water treatment plant and telecommunications with fiber optic and broadband, a development with these characteristics is unique in Puerto Peñasco.

The challenge of the project was to achieve the integration of three users such as bulls, horses and people in a single space.

It is a terrain with a topography that surrounds a lake where the visual highlight of the lake with the Cerro del Muerto of Aguascalientes in the background could not be ignored.

It is a 100% Mexican landscape with a dry climate where the most important visual elements are the trees (Mesquite, Huizache, nopal), tepetate, and a spectacular sky recognized among the 5 best sunsets in the world.

The ranch house is located in the southwestern part of the city of Aguascalientes. One of the design premises was to take advantage of the spectacular view provided by the landscape. The house is developed on a single level and consists mainly of a large vehicular access plaza of 35 meters by 35 meters delimited by 5 meter walls that converges to another pedestrian plaza of 27 meters by 18 meters delimited by 5 meter high walls, but with a visual end duplicated by a mirror of water making it a sublime space where the seclusion and serenity of the space invites the soul to expand. This square communicates you to a covered living and dining room space functioning as a porch but that allows the fresh breeze coming from the lake to enter the large terrace that has the living room. This outdoor dining room has a kitchen that serves during the day, as well as being connected by stairs that descend to a patio that is discovered with the use of the Mexican pink color. This patio functions as an illuminating element and gives access to an enclosed room with tables for games in the evenings, as well as a cinema room in the basement that descends into this space.

The private area consists of 7 bedrooms with bathrooms and dressing rooms with a future growth of 3 bedrooms. Each one integrated within spaces that integrate the public communication of the house. 

The design philosophy is to simplify the forms as much as possible to allow the colors or decorations of the different periods of a family's life to take possession of the space, without modifying the spirit of peace, refuge and well-being for which it was conceived. The color used to unify everything was based on a sample of the local earth to allow the mimicry of all the elements within the landscape in such a way that the vegetation, topography, sky and lake are the real protagonists. The few openings in the building frame precious fragments of the surrounding landscape. The autonomy and freedom of the volumes aligned on the façade allow for an image of enormous expressive potential.

Maralto is a 220 apartments building with a surface of 154 through 300 m2 and four 700 m2 exclusive ones in Acapulco. The lineal architectural project, facing the beach allows the 100% of the apartments to enjoy the view of the sea, after a sun study the facade was created with some “niches“ that allow us to have a protected interior, a frame view, a wide terrace and a hermetic flexibility.
The building has a “special“ 6th floor (our penthouse) that is noticeable in shape, wider and tall- er than the rest of the building ́s stories since we believe the story has the opportunity to see the best part of the palm trees in first order and then the sea, is the privileged one.
The highest one has the privilege to have with daylight two types of views, sky and blue sea, and at night a black view illuminated by two or three lights from the fishermen.

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