Located only 5 minutes from Santa Fe and 45 minutes from the Toluca airport. It has direct access to Interlomas, Bosques de las Lomas, Herradura, Cuajimalpa and Santa Fe.
Conecta is an intelligent and automated building focused on integral attention in which you can find offices, stores, all in a connected ecosystem.
The tower consists of 15 levels of offices in more than 10,000 m2, 9 offices per floor from 30 m2. It has 1,485.78 m2 of retail on 3 levels and 120 parking spaces distributed in 2 basements.
You will also have a series of unique amenities so that you, your team and your clients can find everything they need in one place.
We not only offer offices but also connectivity, design, security, variety.
The facade of the building is designed with vertical precast concrete gussets. This helps us to protect us from the sunlight allowing us to reduce the cost of air conditioning, this also allows us to divide the offices as we wish.

It is one of the largest real estate developments in Mexico and Latin America. Mexican Republic and Latin America. It is a mixed-use complex, composed of an office tower, a convention and exhibition center, a shopping center and a hotel.

Exhibition Center, a Shopping Center and a Hotel. Its location within Mexico City is strategic, as it is located in the heart of the urban sprawl on one of the most important avenues in the city.


With an area of 128,00 m2 of construction and its 45 levels, it is one of the the most important towers in the city. It also has a high degree of intelligence for all the services it provides.


It has its own access through Filadelfia Street and has a large distribution lobby to the different rooms. Large distribution lobby to the different halls, located on the ground and first floor. It is the only Exhibition Mexico City, with a total area of 40,000 sq. m., and a total area of 40,000 m2 and a clear height of 6 meters. It has a loading and unloading platform area for large capacity trucks and from large capacity trucks to automobiles.


It has a commercial area of 22,000 m2 of rentable space, distributed on two levels, which are contained by a 6-meter clear height. On two levels that are contained by two anchor stores of international prestige. Anchor stores of international prestige. Easy access allows for the creation of a commercial.

The easy access allows for the creation of a commercial passageway with different environments and plazas. Different atmospheres and plazas. From the parking lot there is access by escalators to the commercial complex is accessed from the parking lot by escalators.

The public circulations are not mixed with those of the public and have their own service platforms.


It is located in the property of Dakota and Altadena, its access is by Montecito street. The main lobby is high and large enough to receive a large number of people.  Dimensions to receive a large number of people. It has 400 rooms and has direct communication with the Mall and access to the Office Tower.

It is a multifunctional complex that includes a corporate office tower, a shopping mall and a sports club for executives. The corporate tower is one of the most important office buildings in Mexico City due to its height and the 22,000 sq. m. of office space available, on one of the busiest streets, Insurgentes Avenue.

Centro Insurgentes is a dual urban complex of high technology and monumentality. The complex includes the Teatro de los Insurgentes, the first avant-garde theater in Mexico, which boasts the Diego Rivera mural dedicated to the history of theater and dance in our country. The complex includes a three-level shopping center, which due to its complexity is treated with different oblique or diagonal geometries to open wide and attractive circulations and panoramas for the consumer who walks through the center.

On the first floor there is a gastronomic area on the Perpetua alley and a fast food area on the top floor. The mall also has movie theaters and an anchor store.


The new concept of this center is to provide executives, businessmen and professionals with the advantages of sports activities combined with social and business recreation in the same meeting space. 

The center consists of tennis courts, a swimming pool with four 25-meter lanes, as well as restrooms and locker rooms for men and women with all services, a gymnasium, aerobics, meeting rooms with secretarial support services, a cafeteria and bar, reading rooms, racquetball and a jogging track.  A very important factor in the decision making process was the climate, since it was thought to avoid inclement weather.  Inside, the lobby with a large, modern staircase stands out. 

The 12,000 sq. m. exhibition hall is divided into three spaces by sliding walls, and the Convention Center measures 10,000 sq. m., so that the two spaces together make a larger venue than the one occupied by the same sites in the WTC in Mexico City.  

The finishes are stone in the piss of the lobbies, as well as concrete base floors in the exhibition halls, high traffic carpets, walls covered with acoustic materials and modular ceilings in the convention and meeting rooms.

The vehicular link between Puerta del Sol Avenue and the Las Cumbres area makes this site an outstanding urban reference. The axis formed by this avenue forces the buildings to be located not only to the north and northwest, but also to the southwest (towards the Mitras hill), since the growth of the area is controlled and of low density. The plaza generated is contained by the surrounding hills and the views of the whole complex towards it, causing a containment of space, generating with the office building a monumental sculpture that takes advantage of these qualities to live towards itself. On the other hand, the office building forms a dynamic silhouette that takes advantage of its physiognomy to contain the spaces required for the commercial area and gives shape to an open-air forum that can be used for a number of socio-cultural activities.

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