Located only 5 minutes from Santa Fe and 45 minutes from the Toluca airport. It has direct access to Interlomas, Bosques de las Lomas, Herradura, Cuajimalpa and Santa Fe.
Conecta is an intelligent and automated building focused on integral attention in which you can find offices, stores, all in a connected ecosystem.
The tower consists of 15 levels of offices in more than 10,000 m2, 9 offices per floor from 30 m2. It has 1,485.78 m2 of retail on 3 levels and 120 parking spaces distributed in 2 basements.
You will also have a series of unique amenities so that you, your team and your clients can find everything they need in one place.
We not only offer offices but also connectivity, design, security, variety.
The facade of the building is designed with vertical precast concrete gussets. This helps us to protect us from the sunlight allowing us to reduce the cost of air conditioning, this also allows us to divide the offices as we wish.

CC Pedregal is a property located between the streets of Av. de las Fuertes and Agua. Conceived (in the original Pedregal project by Architect Luis Barragan) as the Pedregal shopping center.
Land of 10,832m2
Supermarket of 3,200 m2 plus 11,715 m2 6 commercial premises average 350m2 , Two restaurants, cinemas, bowling and two sub anchors.
30,187 m2 total built area.

‘Bire Bitori’, meaning ‘a plate’ in the indigenous mexican language tarahumara, is a restaurant and concept developed by chef maria andrea payne. local studio tall arquitectos has unveiled the first images of the project which drastically cantilevers itself off a cliff in the sierra tarahumara mountain range. from the approach, the only visible elements are simple gestures of concrete that emphasize the horizontality of the landscape, with a vast sky above and a reflective pool that marks the entry. upon descending the stairs to the dining area, a peripheral ring of tables frames a central open-air patio complete with a glass floor that looks down the copper canyon, immersing guests with the full experience of local flavors, materials, and landscape. the primarily concrete structure embeds itself into the cliff side supported by a matrix of steel beams hidden below. by simplifying the design as much as possible, using primarily only one building material that relates to the local rock, the gastronomical experience lends to the rich history of the area. suspending visitors over the famous canyon that defines the location and its people offer a full, rounded dining experience.

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