The house is located in the "Los Apantles" subdivision in Jiutepec, Morelos. The architectural party consists of the development of the house occupying two sides of a square lot to give space to a central garden with a pool. 

The house is developed on a single level, leaving some service areas located on the upper floor to generate some vertical volumes that contrast with the horizontality of the house.

The vehicular and pedestrian recess is developed at the back of the house, since most of the spaces overlook the main garden.  The foyer clearly divides the two main and common

The foyer clearly divides the two main areas and communicates directly with the living-dining room, which has a very large covered terrace, which is the area that is most occupied during the day. One side of the house contains the master bedroom with bathrooms and dressing room area, the other side has two guest bedrooms with dressing room and bathrooms included.

The main structure is based on load-bearing walls and wooden beams, having in the main porch wooden columns on quarry foundations. The interior floor is made of marble with carpets made of the same material, but in different colors. 

The color scheme is based on the use of two main colors: Jacaranda blue, combined with ocher tones.

The architectural intent is to create a house occupying two sides of a square lot leaving room for a central garden with a pool. 

The dwelling is one level and with some service areas on the upper level to generate some vertical volumes in contrast to the horizontal nature of the house. The majority of the spaces have the main garden view. 

The vestibule clearly divides the principal zones and directly connects these with the public area which has a covered terrace, with a main portico with wood columns on quarried stone bases. 

One of the house ́s side has the master bathroom with a private living area and the other side has tow guest bedrooms. 

The color scheme is based on jacaranda-blue combined with different ochre based tones.

600 m2
Antonio Gutiérrez Prieto

Cuernavaca, Morelos, México
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