The project is located near the King Khalid International Airport city of Riyadh, Princess Norah University, King Abdulaziz Equestrian Field and Sedra Roshn Residential.

Daytime temperature goes from 65 F in winter to 105 F in summer and  temperature goes from 54 F in winter ando 92 in summer nightime.

Local features, such as the oases, vernacular irrigation systems (falaj), patios, flora and architecture, dictated the design guidelines for the project. The result was a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional Arabian architecture, reflecting the natural characteristics of this inland location.

The term Oases is a fertile place where there is water in the midst of a desert or a place of calm in the midst of chaos. We like to relate it on having a rich space in which you could develop some fresh internal activities introducing green inside the development.

The assumptions of design: 1. Iconic Architecture- milestone.  2. Sustainability- Positive impact.  3. Amenities in walking distance- Public space as a central pillar  4.Connected to nature- Illustrate biographic and ethnobotanical identity, Biodiversity + Performance. 5. Art in the public space- Central spine corredor of Art as a differentiator and identity generator.  

For the residential compound we would like not to do houses that you feel in an army, that you are another number every house its exactly as the other lacking of identity.  

The composition scheme starts with a vehicle access control plaza which in you decide to enter the fast track circuit road with slow track roads that lead you to the houses. In the center we are introducing the amenities in a urban corredor having a great sense of  comunity and central to every house to the central park.

The minimart is added to the entrance plaza to be practical of the intake and outage of the products.  A Kids room, game room and cafeteria along the main park. The pádel tennis between the houses and de main plaza.  For the pool we wanted to put it underground one level down so the user can have some privacy.  The business center along the falcon plaza and at the end we have the half basketball.

Each villa has its own patio for a family private area. 

The entire project is housed under an envelope that reinterprets elements of traditional Arab architecture.

The importance of using the fifth facade as roof tops , is designed in accordance with the concepts of climate control and architecture of the region, including sustainable strategies for the comfort of the users.

On- Going
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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