In the year 2000, the residential use of Paseo de la Reforma was resumed, with the conception of new architectural projects that, together with the technological advance of construction systems, allowed the design of taller buildings with the most demanding safety measures.

The inhabitants of this great city seek above all places that guarantee security, convenience and comfort, as well as being able to be close to their sources of work, have integrated services to enjoy them inside the building or as close as possible (spa, gym, sports court, party rooms, etc.), as well as shopping, education and recreation centers.

The project encompasses the different requirements that our clients are looking for: functionality and contemporaneity. These are the intelligent spaces of the new century, illuminated rooms, double heights, straight lines and open spaces that allow the resident to transform the space to their lifestyle.

It is a unique spatial conception, which with sufficient virtues attracts a very demanding niche market. Particularly young couples or people who like to live alone and who value spaces that correspond to their cosmopolitan lifestyle, as lived in first world cities.

The most attractive intelligent space is the LOFT, in which the functionality of its open spaces, with a second level for the private area and the double height of its public areas, take importance in the new developments of residential condominiums.

Reforma 90 is a residential project located on Paseo de la Reforma Avenue #90, in Colonia Juarez, Mexico City, on a 2,385.20 m2 lot, resulting from the merger of lots # 90 and 92 on the same avenue, which adjoins:

  • To the north in 42.00 mts. with Paseo de la Reforma Avenue.
  • - To the south in 20.84 mts. with the property # 47 of the street of Atenas and in 21.00 meters with Atenas Street.

- To the east in 43.80 mts. with the property N° 80 of Paseo de la Reforma Av.

- To the west in 68.00 mts. with the property N° 96 of Paseo de la Reforma Avenue.

land area 2,400.00 m2. The tower has 40 levels and a height of 140 meters. 140 meters.  There are 305 apartments from 50 m2 to 200 m2.

total built area of 50,000.00 m2.

Bosco Box" concept: construction of vertical developments from assembled steel structures.

Flexibility in the single floors to join two or more Single Lofts modules according to the needs and tastes of the clients.

45,700 m2
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