The first stage of the project was carried out on an existing construction from 1972. First stage of the project was carried out.  The surface area of the site is 850 m2. 

The existing construction The existing construction had an area of approximately 550 m2 in neoclassical style. neoclassical style. Based on the structure, a central courtyard with a double-height pergola was designed, which is the central distribution center of the house, as well as the distribution center of the house, as well as the main vestibule. The walls of this space were The walls of this space were designed with an angle to emphasize the perspecti va; the finish is a fine flattened, painted in a light sand color, similar to marble slabs,

similar to the acid-etched ivory cream marble slabs of the floor. A 3 m. long by 1.5 m. high fish tank completes this space. From this space to the right, the dining room was designed with a large sliding door that shares an outdoor terrace overlooking the garden and, to the left 1.2 meters below the level, there is an aqua mirror that ends with the windows of the room, as well as a reading and music room.

At the end of the foyer, in what used to be a squash room, there is a twenty-seat movie theater with an isoptic drop, as well as an editing room. On this same floor are the breakfast room and the kitchen that share the view to a patio, in which some showcases were designed. which some showcases for birds have been designed.

The staircase leading to the upper floor is divided by a triangular wall finished with cream ivory plaques. The landing of the staircase is a large window overlooking a space for birds, which has a small waterfall and a mirror of water, through which the upstairs studio is ventilated and illuminated.

On the upper floor, the staircase ends in a vestibule, where the TV room is located and the different rooms are connected. The foyer is illuminated by a large conical dome, and at one end of the dome there one of its ends there is a cartouche finished with cactus slime, which a gazebo finished with cactus slime, which hides a staircase leading to the third level, where the playroom is located.

where is the playroom that has an apparent concrete slab of beige color, overhanging beige-colored concrete slab, leaving a glass slot between the wall and the between the wall and the slab.

First Stage 2001 Second Stage 2002-2003
1,725.00 m2
Familia Gomez
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