The Rancho Santa Maria house is located in the southern part of the city of Aguascalientes. south part of the city of Aguascalientes. One of the design premises was to take advantage of the spectacular view provided by the landscape.

The house is developed on a single level and consists mainly of a large access plaza that converges with the public area of the house, where the living room and dining room are located, delimited by a portico that opens onto a large terrace, where the pools are located. These are delimited by the facade wall of the family living room, which serves as a distributor hallway to the private area or to the service area.

The private area consists of five bedrooms with bathroom and dressing room, each surrounding an interior courtyard, which, apart from being an illuminating element of the corridors of the same, allows to obtain a microclimate controlled by the gallery that develops around it.

On the other hand, and forming part of one of the walls of the courtyard, is located the service area which is composed of the kitchen with large storage rooms, a laundry room that communicates directly to the bedrooms and two service rooms with bathrooms.

The access plaza is delimited by high solid walls that converge on a walls that converge on a set of closed panels, which delimit through a the entrance door by means of a plate.

The large portico reveals the richness of the landscape. the richness of the landscape. Laterally to it, the wall of the facade is interrupted by a vertical cut that leads to a small courtyard, from which a tower emerges.

The few openings in the building frame precious fragments of the surrounding landscape. The autonomous freedom of the volumes aligned on the facade, allow to achieve an image of enormous expressive potential. The use of color ratifies the presence of the building framed within the landscape.

The freedom in the design and in the outline of the parameters, distance this work from any commitment made.

2,300 m2
Lucio Pablo Gutierrez Cortina
Architecture Landscape design Interior design
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