March 30, 2022
Winning project for the remodeling of Guadalajara Airport Terminal 1
Image © BOSCO | Lazaro Gutierrez

As part of a call launched in 2019 by the company GAP Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico for the remodeling of facades, as well as the expansion of the ambulatory and parking lot of Terminal 1 of the Guadalajara Airport, the project of Bosco Arquitectos (Bosco, Lázaro y Sebastián Gutiérrez Cortina) Andrés Casillas de Alba, Lucio Muniain et al, has been announced as the winning proposal.

The competition, which was held by invitation, gathered proposals from Frida Escobedo, Paola Calzada, Pablo Serrano, Victor Márquez, de la Peña, Benjamin Romano, Pascal Arquitectos, GVI and Gilberto Rodríguez, where the projects of Juan Pablo Serrano and Víctor Márquez won second and third place respectively.

The project consists of an area to be remodeled of 38,000 m2, an expansion area of 42,000 m2 and a parking area of 260,000 m2 where it is proposed to plan, design and expand the existing terminal building in the eastern part of the building. The current domestic arrivals area should be integrated into an ambulatory area that can be the connection to the new spaces designed. The first floor and mezzanine will contain commercial and mixed-use spaces to meet the needs of passengers and will be connected to the airport's ambulatory area. It is expected that the project to be developed will meet sustainability requirements, trying to keep construction processes as efficient as possible and generate as little waste as possible.

The project will have the following objectives:

Create a new space for the arrival of domestic flights.

A comfortable, functional, sustainable and low maintenance space.

Integrate the welcome lobby with the new area to be developed.

To fully satisfy the needs of airport users and passengers.

The airport expansion and remodeling project will include the following functional units:

Welcome lobby.

Ambulatory, internal circulation areas and restrooms.

Hotel with 180 rooms

Office buildings.

Commercial premises, restaurants, recreational, cultural and mixed-use areas.

Bus platform and yard with waiting room. Offices for airlines and PF.

Access plaza and integration with future connection bridge to the future parking lot.

Bridge connecting with the parking lot and vertical circulations.

The criteria for the application of finishes, in the case of floors, are smooth, washable, terrazzo-type marble materials; for walls, the finish will be white apparent concrete; for ceilings, smooth and continuous surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain; the exterior facades will be polished concrete and aluminum and glass doors and windows.

We interpret a truly sustainable building as a complex that uses a minimum of energy for its construction, operation and maintenance, placing special emphasis on the relationship with its immediate surroundings.

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